California Third-Party Logistics Provider License – 3PL

California 3PL Provider License – CA Board of Pharmacy

ICYMI – The California Board of Pharmacy oversees 3PL providers and their Designated Representative-3PL.

“Third-party logistics provider” means an entity that provides or coordinates warehousing or other logistics services for a dangerous drug or dangerous device in intrastate or interstate commerce on behalf of a manufacturer, wholesaler, or dispenser of the dangerous drug or dangerous device, but does not take ownership of the dangerous drug or dangerous device, nor have responsibility to direct its sale or disposition. … The Designated Representative-3PL Responsible Manager must file a separate application with the board if he or she is not already licensed as a Designated Representative-3PL in California. The application form is available by selecting the following link Designated Representative-3PL Application.

Source:  Third-Party Logistics Provider/Nonresident Third-Party Logistics Provider License – California Board of Pharmacy

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