Plan Ahead: Board Office Move – Application Processing Times

Updated January 25, 2019:

The California Board of Pharmacy provided this latest update:

“Board staff were advised there have been significant delays in approvals necessary to begin construction within the office space. Based on these delays it is currently anticipated the move will occur in May or June 2019. Board staff continues to work with DCA and the Department of General Services and will continue to provide updates to the Organizational Development committee.”

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Plan ahead if you’re thinking about submitting a California Board of Pharmacy individual license application (e.g., California Designated Representative license).

As of this writing, here’s why:

  • The holiday season is here
  • Year-end business processes and activities could get in the way
  • California Designated Representative license application (wholesaler, 3PL)  processing times can take some time.  Based on September/October 2018 data, processing times could take anywhere between 13-39 days. If there are application deficiencies, it could add an additional 10-30 days of processing time.
  • The California Board of Pharmacy office relocation move was originally planned for February 2019, and could be delayed.

In a nutshell, plan ahead if you’re planning to submit a California Designated Representative license application.


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