Plan Ahead: Board Office Move – Application Processing Times

Plan ahead if you’re thinking about submitting a California Board of Pharmacy individual license application (e.g., California Designated Representative license).

As of this writing, here’s why:

  • The holiday season is here
  • Year-end business processes and activities could get in the way
  • California Designated Representative license application (wholesaler, 3PL)  processing times can take some time.  Based on September/October 2018 data, processing times could take anywhere between 13-39 days. If there are application deficiencies, it could add an additional 10-30 days of processing time.
  • The California Board of Pharmacy office relocation move was originally planned for February 2019, and could be delayed.

In a nutshell, plan ahead if you’re planning to submit a California Designated Representative license application.


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