California Exemptee Training – for home medical device retailers

California Exemptee Training – SkillsPlus International Inc.

About Our Class:

  1. This course is $525 per student.
  2. This course is accepted by the California Department of Public Health – Food and Drug Branch.
  3. This is a web class. After completing registration, check your email for the URL for the class and the enrollment key. If you do not see the email after 10 minutes, check your SPAM or JUNK mail folder.
  4. Students review pre-recorded presentations covering the required content for certification.
  5. Following each presentation the student takes the final exam. Students may review the content of any section as many times as they want. Students may take the exam for each section as many times as needed to get a passing score (85%). Students get instant feedback on test performance.
  6. When you pass all the topic exams, click on the appropriate link at the bottom of the page, to request the documentation appropriate for the agency the student is applying to.
  7. Training Certificates for Exemptees are sent to the address provided at the end of the course via FedEx Express Service every Monday morning, unless a different schedule is indicated in the web room entry page. Oftentimes we send out certificates on a daily basis.
  8. The class is $525 per student when registered through Cvent, a secure online booking service. There are no additional fees unless you choose to add FedEx Overnight Delivery, or lose or misplace your certificates and need reprints.


The applicant must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  1. Dangerous drugs and devices
  2. Distribution of controlled substances
  3. USP Storage conditions
  4. The safe storage and handling of home medical devices
  5. Quality Control Systems
  6. Prescription terminology

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