3PL | California Designated Representative 3PL Training Course

for third-party logistics providers

According to the California State Board of Pharmacy, “To be licensed as a Designated Representative – 3PL in California, you must satisfy the requirements under Business and Professions Code section 4053.1. Each place of business of a third-party logistics provider shall be supervised and managed by a responsible manager. The responsible manager shall be responsible for the compliance of the place of business with state and federal laws governing third-party logistics providers and with the third-party logistics provider’s customer specifications, except where the customer’s specifications conflict with state or federal laws. The responsible manager shall maintain an active license as a designated representative-3PL with the board at all times during which he or she is designated as the responsible manager.”

About Our California Designated Representative 3PL Training Course

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  • $525 per student
  • This training program is approved by the California State Board of Pharmacy (“Board”)
  • Covers topics required by the Board (specified by the license application training affidavit)
  • Designed for California Designated Representative 3PL license applicants and their supervisors
  • Web-based. Self-study. Come-and-go as needed.
  • It’s fast (typically lasting < 8 hours)
  • Includes subject/topic exams
  • Successful course completion earns you a training affidavit (to include in your California Designated Representative-3PL license application).
  • Trust our experience. Since 2002, nearly 7,000 students have taken one of our state license-related training courses.

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California Designated Representative 3PL online training course. Image of a glowing blue laptop in darkness. Board approved California Designated Representative-3PL training course.
3PL | California Designated Representative 3PL Training Course

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