California Designated Representative Training Courses. Image of pill capsules on a pink background.

California Designated Representative Training Courses

Get the new year started! Enroll now in any one of our Board-approved California Designated Representative training courses to earn a training affidavit for your license application:

California Designated Representative Training Programs

Don’t get caught snoozing in the new year!

More Than 7,000 Students Have Taken Our Courses!

Here’s why our online training programs are so popular and highly recommended:

  • These online training courses are designed for California Designated Representative license applicants and their managers. We make the messy regulatory requirements simple and easy to understand!
  • Earn a Board-accepted training affidavit, for your license application, by taking any one of our courses.
  • No need to schedule your training. Buy the course. Start when you’re ready! Therefore, buy now and start studying!
  • Online internet-based e-learning, easily accessed to make it possible & convenient for you to study from your home or office, in other words, study in any location!
  • Our courses involve more than just reading slides.
  • Available 365 x 24 x 7. Come and go as needed. In other words, our courses are convenient and flexible.
  • Composed of a series of self-study pre-recorded presentations that cover essential and required topics (as specified on their respective California Designated Representative license application form).
  • Designed with a follow-up quiz after each course section. When you finish, you will request your completion documents, specifically, your training affidavit.
  • We’ve added something new, closed captioning. Students can read what the course instructor is teaching. This feature helps ESL (English as a second language) students, and hard of hearing students. Therefore, our courses are more accessible.
  • Offered continuously since 2002. Therefore, we have a long record of experience.
California Designated Representative Training Courses. Image of pill capsules on a pink background. 2022 pharmacy law changes included!
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