Exemptee Training

According to the Home Medical Device Retailer Licensing Program:

“This program licenses California HMDR facilities and registers Out-of-State HMDR facilities. In-State HMDR facilities supply prescription medical devices or durable medical equipment for use in the home to treat acute or chronic illnesses or injuries. Out-of-State HMDR facilities must supply prescription medical devices in order to qualify for the registration. The HMDR program also licenses exemptees that are required to be on staff in lieu of a pharmacist at facilities selling prescription medical devices as described under California and Federal medical device laws.”

HMDR Exemptee applicants must provide proof of training (concerning applicable laws and regulations) in their application submission.

If you are seeking exemptee training, go to:
Exemptee Training offered by SkillsPlus Intl Inc.

Go to DREprof.com: The Designated Representative and Exemptee Training Website

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