FDA Says > Know Your Source: Protecting Patients from Unsafe Drugs

Colorful photo of medication containers

Beware of Rogue Wholesale Drug Distributors

Wholesale drug distributors are a link between manufacturers and health care professionals. Their role is to ensure prescription medications are delivered safely and efficiently to thousands of health care practitioners and pharmacies nationwide every day.

While the U.S. health care supply chain is one of the most secure and sophisticated in the world, there is a growing network of rogue wholesale drug distributors selling potentially unsafe drugs in the U.S. market.”

Read the entire FDA article:  via Information for Healthcare Professionals (Drugs) > Know Your Source: Protecting Patients from Unsafe Drugs.  U.S. health regulators are trying to help doctors spot counterfeit and unapproved drugs by raising awareness of illegal operations that peddle bogus drugs to health professionals.

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