Florida Certified Designated Representative (CDR) Training And Much More!

Over the years, we’ve fielded many questions revolving around the Florida Certified Designated Representative license. Of chief interest, is how to go about preparing for the State of Florida Certified Designated Representative Laws & Rules Examination.

I’ve invited Dr. Sharon B. Roberts* (an expert in the regulatory realm of pharmaceuticals and wholesale drug distribution, and founder of CDR Resource Center) to share some thoughts and introduce the services that CDR Resource Center can provide:

  • Florida Certified Designated Representative (CDR) laws and rules examination preparation
  • Consulting expertise in prescription drug regulations and wholesale distribution compliance

Online Florida CDR Training By CDR Resource Center – Automated Online Training & Testing

All Prescription Drug Wholesale Distributors (including virtual BROKER -ONLY), companies that are seeking to do business in or with the State of Florida, are required to have a full-time Florida licensed Certified Designated Representative, (CDR). To become a FL licensed CDR a candidate must pass a laws and rules exam administered by the State of Florida. CDR Resource Center has been training FL CDR candidates for over 12 years for the very difficult State exam.

Training for the State exam is offered in three ways:

  1. CDR Resource Center offers online virtual training allowing the candidate to study at their own pace from any computer. The virtual training consists of 15 modules of educational and study materials, 100s of sample test questions and timed mock 40 question final exam. Register for FREE on our website – Try a quick FREE sample of the module style online training.
  2. For the student who would prefer a live instructor, CDR Resource Center offers an 8 hour Webex with a live trainer. The live training includes a bound law and rules manual, a pre-test, 7 hours of lecture and a post-test. The live training can be purchased online in the Compliance Consulting section of the cdrresourcecenter.com.
  3. For the candidate who has taken the State exam already and does not want to take a full course, we offer hourly consulting. Bring us all your questions and purchase as much time as you’d like. We can discuss your questions and point you to the correct answers.

Additional CDR Resource Center Services

CDR Resource Center also provides state licensing support for the drug industry. Our company’s licensing support services is unique to the industry allowing companies to pay as they go with no upfront onboarding fees or contracts.

*About Our Guest Blogger – Sharon B. Roberts

Sharon Roberts, PharmD, JD, CDR
Sharon Roberts, PharmD, JD, CDR

Sharon Roberts, PharmD, JD, CDR has over 25 years in the Pharmaceutical industry as a Registered Pharmacist and practicing Florida lawyer. She then became licensed as a Certified Designated Representative (CDR) and worked for the Department of Business and Professional Regulation Drug, Device and Cosmetics Program of the State of Florida where she was a State Inspector/Drug Agent inspecting businesses involved in the manufacture, purchase, storage and sale of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, devices and cosmetics. As part of this experience she became intimately familiar with the Florida Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act. The contents of this Act are the basis of the studies required to become a State Certified Designated Representative (CDR). Combining all her experience, she founded CDR Resource Center which offers over 25+ years of experience in the regulatory realm of pharmaceuticals and wholesale drug distribution.


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