Proposed Regulations for 3PL Providers – CA Board of Pharmacy

Legal Regulatory - Gavel on top of law booksHere’s an update on the status of California Board of Pharmacy sponsored legislation to enact provisions to license third-party logistic (3PL) providers as a separate class, and not as the Board had previously done under the category of wholesaler.

According to the December 17, 2014 meeting minutes of the Enforcement and Compounding Committee:

  • Legislation was enacted by AB 2605 (Bonilla, Chapter 507, Statutes of 2014)
  • The board now needs to amend its regulations to ensure that third-party logistics providers also [sic] must adhere to board regulations for all drug distributors, whether they are a wholesaler or third party-logistics provider.
  • There is a proposed mock-up of existing requirements for drug wholesalers that has been amended to include third-party logistics providers. This document is not yet completed as a self-assessment process is proposed much like the process required of drug wholesalers. Additionally the third-party logistic provider community needs to be advised of the developing regulations as well so that they may participate in the process. View the mock-up, starting on p158 of the meeting materials (PDF) 
  • The board has to develop and refine requirements and adopt regulations in this area. This item will be placed on the next Enforcement Committee agenda. The next Enforcement Committee meeting date is March 26, 2015.

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